Monday, June 18, 2012

New garden spots opens up.

So see those pine trees in the background of these happy go lucky winter days?

Well, they fell down and crushed my parents house and car!!! 
So naturally we thought, hey what a great place to plant a little garden. The soil is rich with nutrients and has lots of bark and dark rich composte. This will be the easiest garden spot ever.

The following back breaking.....hernia creating.....chainsaw wielding...expletive flying filled montage of photos show what an easy garden spot this was panning out to be.

I think that by the time this photo was taken my Dad was just holding that tree root and softly weeping...which moistened the ground and paved the way to........

an actually pretty great little garden spot.

Three rows of corn.

15 individual plants of Yellow Squash

So I guess the saying is true.....when God closes a door he opens a window....or is it....when He crushes your home and car with 5 pine trees you decide to plant some corn and squash. I can't quite remember.

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  1. Jeremy, I love this! I am so excited to be able to check this and see how everything is doing even though I won't be around for the harvest. :o( How do you feel about putting a couple ears of corn in a FedEx envelope?
    Seriously, keep it up, Grandpa would love this, too.